• IiidaariiissalawE

    first blog

    September 6, 2020 by IiidaariiissalawE

    so hi guys I'm creating a fanon character for a fanon game I'm making called subway fanmade for its world tour its a tube tour and net tour kthxbai!

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  • Little Miss Livie

    My 4 most favorite charcters are Coco, Freya, Hugo and Jaro!

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  • Bianca The Cursed

    I know a lot of people probably won't see this, but here are my top 20 favorite characters in Subway Surfers (this was quite hard btw)

    1. Coco (she's clown baby uwu)

    2. Nick (he's sexy af lol)

    3. Harumi (I would legit be friends with her. 💖)

    4. Hugo (He's an adorable lil baby)

    5. Tony (Peachycream's lover and Nick's best friend)

    6. Dylan (he's just so cool and baby)

    7. Kim (I feel a little gay around her 😂)

    8. Jolien (see above reason)

    9. Mike (sexy werewolf daddy 😘😂)

    10. Jamie (hipster and gentleman at the same time 👌)

    11. Callum (freaking non-binary icon that we all stan ✊💖)

    12. Alex (she just screams lovable girlfriend and bud!)

    13. Freya (she seems really shy and innocent but also extremely talented and gifted and we support that 💅 😍)

    14. Nina (she'…

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  • Caitlin Reece Alex Francisco

    Here are my Top 20 Favorite Characters:

    20. Dylan

    19. Rex

    18. Wayne

    17. Jasmine

    16. Amira

    15. Kim

    14. Rosa

    13. Mina

    12. Jia

    11. Noon

    10. Jenny

    9. Tasha

    8. Tricky

    7. Nina

    6. Jolien

    5. Freya

    4. Coco

    3. Tony

    2. Nick

    1. Harumi

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  • Little Miss Livie
    1. Coco (I love her all the time because she is really very cute and beautiful!)
    2. Freya (She is really awesome!)
    3. Harumi (MEOW!😺)
    4. Jia (She is so cool!)
    5. Amira (I love her dance moves)
    6. Nina (She Rocks!)
    7. Tasha (I love her Outfits)
    8. Jolien (I love her hair and she's so adorable)
    9. Rosa (I love Roses)
    10. Jenny (I love her Party Outfit!)
    11. Sofia (She's really nice!)
    12. Jasmine (She's a princess!)
    13. Hugo (He's so cute!)
    14. Tricky (She is kinda cute!)
    15. Roberto (I love his Fan Outfit because it makes him look like a girl!)
    16. Mina (I love K-POP and her Pop Outfit is amazing)
    17. Kim (Duh, because she's from Australia)
    18. Salma (She's so hot!)
    19. Lucy (She is really a punk!)

    Scarlett (She Looks really very pretty although she's a vampire)

    21. Dylan(He's FromVenice Beach)

    22.Rabbot (I love Rabbits and Eas…

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  • Bianca The Cursed

    Comment your favorite type of cheese down below. Mine's regular cheddar.

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  • Caitlin Reece Alex Francisco

    Here are the teams for Subway Surfers All-Stars.

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  • Caitlin Reece Alex Francisco

    Here are the teams for Subway Surfers Revenge of the Island

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  • Caitlin Reece Alex Francisco

    Here are the teams for Subway Surfers World Tour.

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  • Caitlin Reece Alex Francisco

    Here are the teams for Subway Surfers Action

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  • Peachycream

    I just saw a pic from the Wiki earlier and it might be rumored that Marco and Amira are daing. And the same happened with Diego and Freya too.

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  • Caitlin Reece Alex Francisco

    Here is my timeline when I unlocked Limited Characters on Subway Surfers

    • Harumi (Wordy Weekend Zurich)
    • Coco (Wordy Weekend Zurich)
    • Aina (Zurich)
    • Jolien (Wordy Weekend Houston)
    • Freya (Wordy Weekend Houston)
    • Salma (Wordy Weekend Houston)
    • Elf Tricky (Houston)
    • Festive Fresh (Winter Holiday 2019 Weekly Hunt)
    • Jenny (Wordy Weekend Winter Holiday 2019)
    • Jia (Wordy Weekend Winter Holiday 2019)
    • Sofia (Wordy Weekend Winter Holiday 2019)
    • Jamie (Winter Holiday 2019)
    • Nicolai (Winter Holiday 2019)
    • Bjarki (Winter Holiday 2019)
    • Malik (Winter Holiday 2019)
    • Nina (Wordy Weekend Winter Holiday 2019)
    • Alicia (Wordy Weekend Winter Holiday 2019)
    • Lauren (Wordy Weekend Winter Holiday 2019)
    • Diego (Wordy Weekend Winter Holiday 2019)
    • Amira (Wordy Weekend Winter Holiday 2019)
    • Wayne (Wordy We…
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  • Caitlin Reece Alex Francisco

    Peachycream, Jaro Minarji, Mina Pop Outfit, Bianca the Cursed, and Fanmarty did Alternate Outfits with Real Clothing, here is the order of the Characters who gotten Alternate Outfits with Real Clothing.

    • Harumi
    • Frank
    • Jolien
    • Jenny
    • Alex
    • Lucy
    • Frizzy
    • Jia
    • Kim
    • Lauren
    • Rosa
    • Amira
    • Jaro
    • Tasha
    • Noon 
    • Spike
    • Jasmine
    • Fresh
    • Edison
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  • Caitlin Reece Alex Francisco

    I love the Outfits that the characters are wearing, here are all my favorite outfits.

    • Jake's Star Outfit
    • Tricky's Heart Outfit
    • Fresh's Sport Outfit
    • Spike's Punk Outfit
    • Yutani's Gadget Outfit
    • Frank's Tiger Outfit
    • Frizzy's Gold Outfit
    • King's Royal Outfit
    • Lucy's Steam Outfit
    • Ninja's Flame Oufit
    • Tagbot's Toy Outfit
    • Tasha's Cheer Outfit
    • Zoe's Curly Outfit
    • Brody's Posh Outfit
    • Prince K's Shine Outfit

    • Alicia's Tracksuit Outfit
    • Hugo's Mountain Outfit
    • Kareem's Silk Outfit
    • Mei's Islander Outfit
    • Alba's Cowboy Outfit
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  • Caitlin Reece Alex Francisco

    I watch a video on Youtube, Robert Grenbar had Subway Surfers All Characters (Singapore Version) on September 24, 2017, here are his limited characters he had:

    • Jia
    • Diego
    • Nick
    • Lee
    • Salma
    • Carlos
    • Freya
    • Izzy
    • Philip
    • Noon
    • Amira
    • Jenny
    • Jolien
    • Malik
    • Elf Tricky
    • Lauren
    • Mike
    • Ramona
    • Bjarki
    • Carmen
    • Marco
    • Rex
    • Kim
    • Aina
    • Jaro
    • Buddy
    • Harumi
    • Zuri
    • Tony
    • Nikos
    • Wayne
    • Jasmine
    • Edison
    • Olivia
    • Rosa
    • Mina
    • Jay
    • Jamie
    • Eddy
    • Alex
    • Sun
    • Coco
    • Roberto
    • Zombie Jake
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  • Caitlin Reece Alex Francisco

    My favorite event on Subway Surfers is Wordy Weekend, it's an event where you unlock Limited Characters and add them to your crew, I made that message on Subway Surfers Wiki on my friend Peachycream's Message Wall on January 30 2020, my favorite Wordy Weekend was in Hawaii 2017. Here is the order of the characters which were in the Wordy Weekend:

    1. Dino
    2. Amira
    3. Jake
    4. Zoe
    5. Wayne
    6. Carmen
    7. Fresh
    8. Ninja
    9. Roberto
    10. Kim
    11. Spike
    12. Tasha
    13. Izzy
    14. Olivia
    15. Tony
    16. Noon
    17. Prince K
    18. Yutani
    19. Nick
    20. Jasmine
    21. Frank
    22. Tagbot
    23. Eddy
    24. Mina
    25. King
    26. Tricky
    27. Edison
    28. Rosa
    29. Brody
    30. Frizzy
    31. Rex
    32. Lucy
    33. Harumi
    34. Sun
    35. Coco
    36. Jay
    37. Alex

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  • Caitlin Reece Alex Francisco

    Here are all the Characters and Outfits

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  • Peachycream

    I just made a brand new Wiki called the Subway Surfers Chinese Version Wiki. All of it's Chinese Version content will be moved from the original Subway Surfers Wiki to there. If you wanna join, you are absolutely welcome to. Link is in below!


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  • Peachycream

    Have you guys ever played this game called Kingdom Hearts Union X Cross (or Kingdom Hearts Unchained X)? It is a Japanese role-playing mobile game developed by Square Enix and Success, as the eighth installment to the Kingdom Hearts series. If some of the surfers have the game and what their avatars would look like, I'll be showing you a gallery of what hair, clothing, and accessory they have.

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  • Peachycream

    As you know, the Lunar New Year has passed, but it was considered the worst Lunar New Year celebration in the history of Lunar celebrations. So, from what I heard, the country of China had been caught by a serious outbreak of a group of deadly viruses called the Coronavirus. More than 87 deaths were occurred and it was just not China. Japan and Germany also joined the lineup for the Coronavirus and it's spreading quickly than ever before. So, appearently Sun, Jenny, Lee, Brandon, Ace, Liu, and Ming all got caught by the Coronavirus. They all went to the same medical center in Beijing to get back to perfect health except for Jenny in which the US army airlifted her back to her home in San Francisco, California for extensive treatment. Harum…

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  • Peachycream

    Subway Surfers in Rinmaru

    December 29, 2019 by Peachycream

    Do you remember when my friend Jaro Mlinarj from made Subway Surfers in Rinmaru Games? Some of these are pre made by him. I will make more with other characters later. To visit Jaro Mlinarj's pre made Rinmaru pics, click this link below! [[1]] I already made some of them.

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  • Peachycream

    Do you remember when I created Subway Surfers in Azalea's Dolls? I'm doing a remastered version of this and add in more characters from different Azalea's games. Feel free to add more from the Azalea's Dolls website.

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  • MarioKartDSYes MarioKartWiiNo

    I'm Going To Commit Tax Fraud is the main theme of Carmen Commits Tax Fraud. It is sung by Carmen (voiced by NeoSpeech Julie), who raps about how she is going to commit tax fraud.

    I'm going to commit tax fraud!

    However, the way I'm going to do it is not very broad!

    I'm going to underpay my taxes because I don't care!

    Then I'm going to bring those big bucks onto my vessel in the air!

    I'm going to get 240 million dollars on my airship by pulling off the impossible!

    The escape bridge for me will definitely be crossable!

    This is the one plan I'm definitely going to ace!

    I will blast all who oppose me into space!

    Doing this is going to be much easier than I thought!

    I'm positive that I won't get caught!

    Don't tell me to pay my taxes, because I don't want t…

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  • Caitlin Reece Alex Francisco
    • Jia as Milly Miller
    • Harumi as Evie Carson
    • Nick as Eric Garcia
    • Tony as Logan Walker
    • Dylan as Kevin Diaz
    • Mina as Penny Perez
    • Izzy as Tyler Nelson
    • Bjarki as Peter Anderson
    • Jenny as Violet Chen
    • Tasha as Megan Parker
    • Kim as Lucy Carter
    • Carmen as Chloe Murphy
    • Tricky as Alice Jones
    • Freya as Phoebe Palmer
    • Jolien as Jessie Tate

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  • Peachycream

    February is a big month for holidays (sometime those events are celebrated in January or March). Some can be really festive while others aren't. Here's the events celebrated all in February!

    • Carnival - Carmen
    • Super Bowl - E.Z
    • National Pizza Day - Roberto
    • Chinese New Year - Sun, Jenny, Lee, and Brandon
    • The Winter Olympics - Alex
    • The Grammy Awards - Mina, Rex, Freya, Alicia, and Rin
    • Mardi Gras - Eddy
    • Ash Wednesday - Bjarki
    • Valentine's Day - Coco
    • Carnival of Venice - Marco
    • The Oscars - Wayne
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  • Peachycream

    Here's some of the video games the surfers would enjoy.

    • Jake - Subway Surfers
    • Tricky - Just Dance
    • Fresh - NBA 2K
    • Spike - Guitar Hero
    • Yutani - Alien Resurrection
    • Frank - Friday the 13th: The Game
    • Lucy - Alice Madness Returns
    • King - Papa's Fooderia Games
    • Tagbot - Gyromite
    • Tasha - Wii Sports
    • Zoe - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
    • Ninja - The Mysterious Murasame Castle
    • Frizzy - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    • Brody - Surf World Series
    • Prince K - Prince of Persia
    • Dino - Jurassic World Evolution
    • Tony - New York Race
    • Carmen - Mario & Sonic at The Rio 2016 Olympic Games
    • Roberto - Moto Pizza Delivery
    • Kim - Rage 2
    • Harumi - Animal Crossing New Leaf
    • Nick - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
    • Coco - Art Academy Home Studio
    • Sun - World of Warcraft (China Edition)
    • Alex - World of Tanks
    • Eddy - Voo…
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  • MarioKartDSYes MarioKartWiiNo

    Roberto: Yes! Carmen has retired from samba dancing! She is now a gamer girl! Finally! I can relax! Rio is so much more tolerable now that Carmen is no longer a samba dancer!

    Edison shows up.

    Edison: Roberto, I need to have a word with you.

    Roberto: So Edison, what do you need to tell me?

    Edison: I just talked with a certain female, and she said that she's going to come out of samba dancing retirement!

    Roberto: What? She just retired from samba dancing!

    Edison: I will give you clues to this female! Listen carefully! She has brown hair, brown eyes, yellow sandals, a headpiece with green and blue feathers on it, and a samba dancing outfit! Can you guess who she is?

    Roberto: This girl had better not be Carmen!

    Edison: That's right! Her name is Carmen…

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  • MarioKartDSYes MarioKartWiiNo

    On a sunny day, Sun is in his house, cleaning his Dragon motorcycle.

    Sun: Ah, today's a nice day! Looks like Noon won't be haunting me today! I remember what happened last time she haunted me!

    Cuts to a flashback of Noon kissing Sun, the latter of whom is crying hysterically.

    Noon (in flashback): Oh Sun, you are so adorable! I love you!

    Cuts back to Sun in his house.

    Sun: Yeah, that's the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I hope this will never happen again.

    Cuts outside, where Noon is trying to look for Sun.

    Noon: Hey Sun, I wonder where you are! I'm trying to find you!

    The Hammer Freighter flies to Noon in its attack mode.

    Jolien: Gotcha!

    Jolien snaps her finger, which somehow freezes Noon into ice. Noon is then taken onto the Hammer Freig…

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  • MarioKartDSYes MarioKartWiiNo

    Sun is preparing his Dragon motorbike for a crazy race against eleven other competitors.

    Sun: Okay, my Dragon bike! We're going to win this race!

    Sun jumps on his Dragon motorbike and heads to the starting line. He sees eleven other competitors. Jolien is in her Teddy kart, Lee is on his Lowrider motorbike, Kim is in her Turtle kart, Mina is in her Bubblegum kart, Salma is on her Cobra motorcycle, Rosa is in her Jet Streaker kart, Brody is on his Flame Flyer motorcycle, Tony is on his Daredevil motorcycle, Noon is in her Groovy kart dreaming about Sun, Jenny is on her Scoot motorbike, and Fresh is in his Chrome kart.

    Sun: Talk about an equal amount of karts and bikes! Normally, bikes would outnumber karts!

    The race begins, and Sun gets a heads…

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  • Caitlin Reece Alex Francisco

    Check out my Pixie Scene Makers

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  • CaitlinReece

    Check out these Hidden Season 1 Shopkins

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  • CaitlinReece

    Check out these Hidden Season 2 Shopkins

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  • CaitlinReece

    Check out these Hidden Season 3 Shopkins

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  • CaitlinReece

    Check out these Hidden Season 4 Shopkins.

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  • CaitlinReece

    Check out these Hidden Season 5 Shopkins

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  • CaitlinReece

    Check out these Hidden Season 6 Shopkins.

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  • CaitlinReece

    Check out these Hidden Season 7 Shopkins

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  • CaitlinReece

    Check out these Season 8 World Vacation Europe Shopkins:

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  • CaitlinReece

    Check out these Season 8 World Vacation Asia Shopkins:

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  • Peachycream

    Now that I'm back from my long break of the Wiki, I am doing a remastered version of Subway Surfers Disney. Well, I might continue the original Subway Surfers Wiki, but I'm not sure yet. Anyway, new page coming up!

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  • Caitlin Reece Alex Francisco

    I'm so excited that the Wreck-it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet will come out on November 21, 2018!

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  • Caitlin Reece Alex Francisco

    I like Disney Princesses now because it dosen't matter if your old for it!

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  • DrEggman1026

    Now that the wiki is progressed, it will need:

    • More admins
    • More articles about characters/hoverboards/power-ups
    • Editing main page
    • Adding more pictures/videos
    • More articles about tour theme editions
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