Carmen - Everybody Hates Mina

Carmen is a limited character from Rio de Janeiro. So far, her only playable appearance in Subway Surfers Kart is in Subway Surfers Kart: Double Trouble!!. Her default partner is Edison, another character who only appears in said game. She returns in Subway Surfers Kart Wii, but she is limited to cameos on race tracks. In Subway Surfers Disney, she plays Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Her only appearance in the Subway Surfers Smash series is in Subway Surfers Smash Brawl. In this game, she is shown to have retired from samba dancing to become a break dancer, as her Final Smash, the Breakdancing Color Inverter, show her break dancing and inverting the colors on the screen, dealing 20% damage to all of her opponents. She is also shown to wear a pair of sunglasses in said game. Since Carmen began to hate Brazil in HammerBro101's universe, she has left the country and moved to Chile, where she now lives in Santiago. She has a counterpart known as Mental Carmen.


  • Carmen hates paying her taxes, which is the reason why she commits tax fraud. This pays homage to the meme "Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud".
  • As of December 23, 2019, Carmen is HammerBro101's most hated Subway Surfers character.


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