Jolien - Subway Surfers Kart Wii

Jolien is a limited Subway Surfers character who lives in Amsterdam. She is infamous for her child-like nature, such as crying a lot. She is also infamous for having pinkish-purple hair. Some of the more popular Subway Surfers go so far as to bully her for being a crybaby, as well as having pinkish-purple hair and wearing a scarf all the time. Because of this, she is the Subway Surfer who is the most likely to be bullied. She is also very unlucky, as everything constantly tries to kill her. She constantly gets injured by other Subway Surfers, most notably Salma, Evil Jolien, and Liu San Jie. She also gets injured by objects, such as motorbikes, rocks, and even the POW Block.

Media AppearancesEdit

In Hammer Bro's Insane LifeEdit

Jolien is a character in Season 1 of Hammer Bro's Insane Life. She is Hammer Bro's former girlfriend, although she likes to cause some mischief. Due to negative fan reception, however, HammerBro101 decided that he will remove her from the show after Season 1.

In Subway Surfers KartEdit

Subway Surfers Kart Wii marks her first and so far only appearance in a Subway Surfers Kart game, making her the only character introduced in Subway Surfers Kart Wii to not make another appearance in later Subway Surfers Kart games. Salma returns in Subway Surfers Kart Ultra after she was absent from Subway Surfers Kart 3DS, while Jia, Lee, Noon, and Sun appear in every installment after Subway Surfers Kart Wii. She is a Small driver in this game. She can be unlocked by unlocking 12 fast Staff Ghosts in Time Trials. Her evil counterpart is Evil Jolien.

In Mina: In Your Face!Edit

Winking Jolien

Jolien, as she appears in the anime as a winking emoji.

Jolien is one of the main characters in Mina: In Your Face!. She works for Evil Mina and has a child-like personality. Because this is an anime, she also speaks Japanese. She is the only character in the anime who speaks two or more languages.

In Subway Surfers Disney Edit

Jolien plays Belle from Beauty and The Beast in Subway Surfers Disney. She's one of the characters to play a Disney Princess.

In the Subway Surfers Fooderia Series Edit

Jolien is mostly a customer in the Subway Surfers Fooderia series. However, she's an employee/server at Subway Pastaria. She makes/serves pastas and breads to the other customers in the game whether they like it or not if they taste good from what they ordered.


Jolien has purple and pink hair, a teal scarf with a blue hoodie and a white T-Shirt underneath, and wearing jean shorts, a high pair of dark magenta socks, and dark purple converses. She can also be seen holding her phone.

In media like Subway Surfers Kart Wii and HammerBro101's anime "Mina: In Your Face!", she wears lipstick and eyeshadow that match the color of her hair.


Subway Surfers Kart WiiEdit

  • Size: Small
  • Stats:
    • Speed: 4/10
    • Top Speed: 6/10
    • Off-Road: 4/10
  • Bio: "This new blogger will leave a huge kiss mark on you when she gets a Mega Mushroom."
  • Bio 2: "Jolien is one good drifter. In fact, she is so good at drifting that she will snake her way to victory."
  • Bio 3: "This makeup wearing princess may not be the most attractive one out there on the track, but she will blind your vision by smothering you with kisses the moment she approaches you."

Mina: In Your Face!Edit

  • Description: "Jolien is one cute (but also immature) 15-year old princess from Amsterdam who likes to bother Marco and his friends. Don't make her upset or uncomfortable, because she will possibly burst into tears and speak Japanese if that happens. She also loses her temper very easily whenever she gets angry. Although she hates getting kisses from other females, she enjoys kissing other people herself. She is acts like a child despite being a teenager, and she is probably the most immature Subway Surfer in the city. Give her a cake, and she will eat it! She's got some sweet tooth. Feed her a large amount of sweets, and she will go insane and delusional, as well as the ability to run at high speeds and soar to astonishing heights with her wings! She also works for Evil Mina, who wants to destroy Mina."


  • In the anime, while Jolien normally speaks English, she speaks Japanese whenever she gets upset or uncomfortable. She most commonly does this when she cries, but sometimes, she can do this in other situations, like panicking or being scared.
  • She loves explosions and desserts. With the latter, if she eats a large amount of sugar, she will go crazy and gain the ability to run really fast and fly.
  • She has a fear of sheet music, which is something that her father Konrad pointed out


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