Subway Surfers Fanon Wikia

There are a few Wiki users with YouTube channels. Here's a list of them:

Bureaucrat, Administrators and moderators

  1. Peachycream's YouTube channel [1]
  2. Little Miss Livie's YouTube channel [2]
  3. Bianca The Cursed's YouTube channel [3]
  4. WillMystery's YouTube channel [4]

Users who are not in user groups

  1. Sanjay Korrapati14's YouTube channel [5]
  2. IiidaariiissalawE's YouTube channel [6]
  3. VitorValverdeYT's YouTube channel [7]
  4. Dante Masks's YouTube channel [8]


  • Caitlin's channel was not included because she uses and hacks her dad's account sending requests to YouTubers and trolling Litle Miss Livie.

About their Channels

Mackenzie Wachter

Mackenzie Wachter aka Peachycream joined YouTube on July 1, 2014, but never uploaded a video until June 2015 when she made a crossover with Descendants and Ever After High. She made her very first Subway Surfers gameplay video on President's Day 2017 although she first played Subway Surfers in July 2013 and then returned playing in late-July 2015. She stopped playing the game and went on a hiatus after her iPad had a malfunction. Besides Subway Surfers, her absolute favorite video game is the Super Mario series. Plus, she has been addicting to Animal Crossing New Horizons and Among Us lately after they gained popularity during the Coronavirus outbreak of 2020. Though in July 2019, a YouTube user named Raven Queen had ranted various users, posted child pornography, and made animal murders on various social media. Peachycream made a petition to get rid of Raven Queen, but Cheezburger removed it. Peachycream is planning on working on her first animated feature film (despite various delays) and her own web series as well.

Little Miss Livie

Little Miss Livie joined YouTube on November 22 2020. She posted her first video titled Subway Surfers Coco Drawing using MS Paint(Tutorial)🎨🖌. She is often careful about who she subscribes to or whoever are her subscribers. Her first subscriber was Akari Mitsu, one of her good friend. She finds the most unlucky day for her on YouTube was December 27 2020 when daddytravelsnow(Caitlin Reece Alex Francisco hacking her dad's account subscribed to Livie's channel. Caitlin was clearly not aware that Livie hated her horribly.

Since then, Little Miss Livie blocked Caitlin from commenting her videos and reported her account to get it terminated, hoping that Caitlin would unsubscribe and never return. She also got few other friends to report Caitlin's account.