The Juku Store is an online Japanese fashion and cosplay store where they sell kawaii clothing, japanese fashion,
Juku Store logo
harajuku fashion, anime, and cosplay. Most clothing is from Japan, but they also have a Korean clothing section where they sell K-Fashion and KPop merchandise. In Subway Surfers, the clothing and accessories are only worn by Harumi and Mina


After the Subway Surfers collab with Dolls Kill, The Juku Store was discovered by Peachycream after she asked her mother to buy one of the anime masks due to the 2019-20 Coronavirus Pandemic. Peachycream decided she wanted to collab the store's clothing with Subway Surfers. However she only wanted Harumi to wear these clothes (plus Mina because of the K-Fashion section). 

Spin-Off Edit

A spin-off collab with a similar Japanese fashion store called SpreePicky is officially released, but the site has more fashion than ever before.


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