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Sun is a limited character from Beijing. He is a playable racer in Subway Surfers Kart from Subway Surfers Kart DS onward. His favorite vehicle is the Dragon bike. He really dislikes Noon, as he will often try his best to get away from her. Most of the time, however, he fails to do so. There are rare occasions where he successfully escapes from Noon. Because of this, he is a really fast racer in the Subway Surfers Kart series.

Relationship With Other Characters


Of all the Subway Surfers characters, Sun hates Noon the most because he claims that she's trying to haunt him. He doesn't even want to date Noon, but Rin forces him to do so.


Sun hates Rin because she treats him like a slave, forces him to make out with her, takes over his house, and is the reason why he has to date Noon. Sometimes, she forces him to massage her feet. Sun wishes he could get rid of Rin so he can be free.


Sun has a positive relationship with Mei. They both have something in common: they both get mistreated by Rin.


Sun also likes Jolien. Sun really wants to date her, but Rin won't let him.

Physical Appearance

Sun is a Chinese acrobat who has brown hair that's styled like a flame going away from his head, which is why his hairstyle is described as a "cool-looking hairstyle". He wears light white makeup on his face and magenta circles around his eyes. He wears a red, yellow and black outfit completed with dark black boots and a green belt.


Subway Surfers Kart DS

Bio: Sun is a new racer this time around, and he's got some serious speed and is so lucky that he can get powerful items really easily. He also sports some cool looking hair, so don't expect to pass him anytime soon. He has the following ladies: Tricky, Yutani, Mina, and Rosa, the last of whom is the other new racer in this game.

Subway Surfers Kart Wii

  • Size: Medium
  • Stats:
    • Speed: 8/10
    • Top Speed: 10/10
    • Off-Road: 6/10
  • Bio: "Despite being a medium-sized racer, Sun has a need for speed! In fact, he is so fast that only the Blue Shell, Lightning, and POW Block can slow him down to a crawl."
  • Bio 2: "Not only is Sun very fast, but he is also good at drifting, has a good Mini-Turbo, can get powerful items really easily, and can go off-road. He should, however, work on his acceleration and handling."
  • Bio 3: "This cool-looking speed demon is often referred to as the Ladiesman of Asia, meaning that he enjoys spending time and flirting with ladies. He gets nine new ladies: Amira, Coco, Alex, Kim, Harumi, Jenny, Salma, Jia, and Jolien, the last three of whom are new racers in this game. However, he doesn't like Noon, as she always wants to haunt him."

Subway Surfers Kart 3DS

Bio: Sun is even speedier and cooler than ever. Despite losing Salma and Jolien from Subway Surfers Kart Wii, he gets two new ladies named Sofia and Evil Mina, both of whom are newcomers to this game. However, he also has a new enemy named Evil Jolien, who wants to seduce him.

Subway Surfers Kart Ultra

Bio: This speed demon not only wins back Salma and Jolien (the latter of whom returns as DLC), but he also gets twenty-two new ladies named Mei, Dudu, Liu San Jie, Evil Noon, Ice, Jasmine, Tasha, Nina, Alicia, Miss Maia, Nina, Elf Tricky, Nemrac, Haiyin, Alba, Aifos, Evil Rosa, Lauren, Evil Salma, Scarlett, Freya, and Carmen. He also has an evil countrpart, as well as another new enemy named Rin.


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