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  • I live in Greenville
  • I was born on October 17
  • My occupation is Making videos, editing wikis, and creating new ideas for items, characters, and games.
  • I am Male
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    I'm Going To Commit Tax Fraud is the main theme of Carmen Commits Tax Fraud. It is sung by Carmen (voiced by NeoSpeech Julie), who raps about how she is going to commit tax fraud.

    I'm going to commit tax fraud!

    However, the way I'm going to do it is not very broad!

    I'm going to underpay my taxes because I don't care!

    Then I'm going to bring those big bucks onto my vessel in the air!

    I'm going to get 240 million dollars on my airship by pulling off the impossible!

    The escape bridge for me will definitely be crossable!

    This is the one plan I'm definitely going to ace!

    I will blast all who oppose me into space!

    Doing this is going to be much easier than I thought!

    I'm positive that I won't get caught!

    Don't tell me to pay my taxes, because I don't want t…

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    Roberto: Yes! Carmen has retired from samba dancing! She is now a gamer girl! Finally! I can relax! Rio is so much more tolerable now that Carmen is no longer a samba dancer!

    Edison shows up.

    Edison: Roberto, I need to have a word with you.

    Roberto: So Edison, what do you need to tell me?

    Edison: I just talked with a certain female, and she said that she's going to come out of samba dancing retirement!

    Roberto: What? She just retired from samba dancing!

    Edison: I will give you clues to this female! Listen carefully! She has brown hair, brown eyes, yellow sandals, a headpiece with green and blue feathers on it, and a samba dancing outfit! Can you guess who she is?

    Roberto: This girl had better not be Carmen!

    Edison: That's right! Her name is Carmen…

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    On a sunny day, Sun is in his house, cleaning his Dragon motorcycle.

    Sun: Ah, today's a nice day! Looks like Noon won't be haunting me today! I remember what happened last time she haunted me!

    Cuts to a flashback of Noon kissing Sun, the latter of whom is crying hysterically.

    Noon (in flashback): Oh Sun, you are so adorable! I love you!

    Cuts back to Sun in his house.

    Sun: Yeah, that's the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I hope this will never happen again.

    Cuts outside, where Noon is trying to look for Sun.

    Noon: Hey Sun, I wonder where you are! I'm trying to find you!

    The Hammer Freighter flies to Noon in its attack mode.

    Jolien: Gotcha!

    Jolien snaps her finger, which somehow freezes Noon into ice. Noon is then taken onto the Hammer Freig…

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    Sun is preparing his Dragon motorbike for a crazy race against eleven other competitors.

    Sun: Okay, my Dragon bike! We're going to win this race!

    Sun jumps on his Dragon motorbike and heads to the starting line. He sees eleven other competitors. Jolien is in her Teddy kart, Lee is on his Lowrider motorbike, Kim is in her Turtle kart, Mina is in her Bubblegum kart, Salma is on her Cobra motorcycle, Rosa is in her Jet Streaker kart, Brody is on his Flame Flyer motorcycle, Tony is on his Daredevil motorcycle, Noon is in her Groovy kart dreaming about Sun, Jenny is on her Scoot motorbike, and Fresh is in his Chrome kart.

    Sun: Talk about an equal amount of karts and bikes! Normally, bikes would outnumber karts!

    The race begins, and Sun gets a heads…

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